Automatically find your ideal prospects and turn them into perfect prospects so you get more sales!

Use this revolutionary tool to help you know exactly when a prospect is ready for a conversation with you and they know, like and trust you!

Focus your efforts on the right leads by letting Active Group Users find them for you!

Let Active Group Users keep track of who is most active and when a lead is ready to be contacted!
Automatically find your ideal prospect

Don't waste time in groups! Instead, tell Active Group Users what groups your target market hangs out in and let it find your ideal prospect in those groups!

Grow your Know Like Trust

Easily use Facebook to get your prospects to see you in their notifications so they start to know you and eventually trust you enough to buy from you!

Get more Sales!

How many more sales could you make if almost everyone you reached out to actually wanted you too!

That's what happens when you grow your authority!

Hi, I'm Jean-Serge Gagnon...

I created Active Group Users because I was tired of wasting time in Facebook groups and news feed and wanted to focus my time on my ideal prospects.

I created Active Group Users to:

  • Find the active users in the groups YOU choose where YOUR MOST TARGETED leads hang out!
  • Know exactly when it's time to contact someone because YOU know they've seen YOU often enough!
  • Finally get sales because you are talking to the right people!

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