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Take back YOUR TIME from Facebook!

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Learn how to use this Facebook safe software to turn your ideal prospects into buyers faster than any other method

Get a list of the most active users in your most targeted groups so you can connect with the best prospects and get sales fast!

Stop wasting your time in the newsfeed and focus on the most active users who are in your target market!
You want to turn cold prospects into buyers?

The secret to getting sales faster than any other method is about to be revealed to you!

I'll show you exactly how to use this software to turn any cold prospect to someone who knows you, likes you and wants to BUY YOUR STUFF in this limited seating demo!
Get software setup fast!

It takes minutes to install and setup! We'll show you step by step how to install and set it up so you can get started right away

Find best prospects every day!

Every day the automated software will find the  users in the groups you choose and give you a list so you can engage with the most active users... so you have the best possible shot at making sales!

Turn cold prospects into buyers fast!

Brand new automation software helps you take the right actions on the right prospects to turn your ideal prospects into buyers fast!

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Not only will we show you the best possible way you can use this software but we'll even give you 100% free access to all it's features for 90 days (if you're one the the first 20 to register)!

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When you register and attend demo, you'll get a the software completely FREE for 90 days (if you're one of the first 20)!

  • The software will automate much of the process for you by giving you a list of the most active users in your most targeted groups!
  • Stop wasting your time on the news feed and randomly engaging on posts!
  • Stop using Facebook friends list to choose who's posts you'll engage on - you know that doesn't work!
  • Stop punishing yourself by using the birthday list too!
  • Take control of who's post you engage on by using the list of most active users in your target market!

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Take Back your time from Facebook
Cecelia Fay MorrisEntrepreneur
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About Your Host:

My name is Jean-Serge Gagnon and I've been building an online audience since 2015! I also built websites and software since the early 90s - back in 98 I was co-founder of a $20m software firm and I've has been an entrepreneur since 1993.

I'm a proud father of 4 girls, a grandfather to 5, a husband to a beautiful wife and we live in Prince Edward Island, Canada in a unique home built in 1907!

I know how to attract the PERFECT prospect and I've perfected a software that will help you get the most engaged prospects to talk to ever and will automate a lot of the process for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here's what others are asking about the demo:

You don't have to if you don't want to but we're hoping you will since the more engaged in the live session you are, the more you will benefit from it

No, the software is not a BOT, it doesn't do anything "as you" which is what Facebook does not allow.

All it does is visit the groups you tell it to so it can find the users in those groups you could engage on.

That being said, it does do that as you but it will never comment, react or post as you and it is totally safe to use.

No this demo uses a webinar format where you can type chat messages but not share your camera or screen.

You will get a lot more out of this demo if you attend live. You'll be able to ask questions, share your screen and get hands on help specific to you.

Yes, the live demo will be recorded and you'll have lifetime access to recording.

I can't promise that there will be another session in future. Take action today! You can always watch the recordings if you can't attend live.

If you've been around the block, you know about personal branding, attraction marketing, content creation and engagement strategies - what's unique about this demo is using this revolutionary software and how it helps to really accelerate the process to turn cold prospects into buyers!

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